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Are you overwhelmed?

If you are overwhelmed with end of the year projects to upgrade your facilities, then you have come to the right place.  National Group is a licensed and insured general and roofing contractor that works for commercial business owners from Florida to Texas that are searching for an experienced restoration or renovation contractor.  We have been in the industry for over 30 years and handled nearly every type of renovation, maintenance, or property loss project for commercial clients.  We want to help make our clients' job of running facilities much easier.  Take a look at our services and let us know if we can provide you with a FREE project assessment.  

National Group is a well recognized renovation, reconstruction and restoration company that specializes in the renovation and restoration of commercial properties. We perform emergency restoration (power, clean-up, dry-out and mold remediation), estimating, equipment rental, renovation, roofing, as well as property loss accounting.  If your commercial facility is in need of some upgrades or maintenance or has been damaged by a water or fire loss, explosion or even a topical storm, hurricane, flood, tornado, or other peril, you have come to the right place. We can help you!

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Emergency Restoration

When emergencies (like roof leaks, water pipe failures, power outages, floods, windstorms, hurricanes, fungal contaminations, etc.) strike, our clients need a rapid response to their situation... 


We are often engaged by clients to prepare detailed estimates of for renovations or from damage to various types of facilities caused by fires, floods, wind, storms or hurricanes...

Generator Rental

In many situations, property owners and large facilities are not equipped or do not have the required personnel and experience to obtain, install and manage generator equipment to power their facilities..

Construction Renovation

We are a state licensed general contractor and roofing contractor and have a complete commercial construction division of our company that performs all phases of reconstruction of commercial...

Custom Cabinetry

Our commercial cabinetry division offers high quality cabinets to a variety of clients.  These cabinets are solid plywood with a mica finish and are used in a variety of applications such as schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.

Roofing Repairs & Replacement

Our roofing division offers quality commercial roofing services to a variety of clients.  We are a state licensed roofing contractor and our roofing team is experienced in the repair..

Insurance Loss Consulting

We provide a variety of consulting and expert services for clients that require construction or insurance loss assistance or other  professional services. Our consulting and expert services..

Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting division offers Certified Public Accountants, who audit construction projects, prepare business interruption or lost rent losses, and perform fraud investigations for clients... 



The National Group is a full service reconstruction, restoration, and property loss consulting services company specializing in commercial properties.  The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has an additional locations and resources in Jacksonville, Florida and Dallas, Texas.  We regularly service large losses in the entire Gulf and Atlantic coast regions.

The National Group consists of various divisions providing emergency services, estimating, construction management, reconstruction, roofing, equipment rental, consulting and expert services as well as loss accounting to clients throughout the United States.

Our clients rely on us due to our reputation, integrity, expertise, and commitment to get the job completed as quickly as possible.  We constantly strive to better serve our clients by focusing on pre-planning for events, and recommending preventative measures that can be taken to aid in recovery efforts.  Of course, when we receive an emergency call, we provide a rapid response, experienced personnel, strong project performance, accurate billing, and rapid completion.  We strive to get you back to your pre-loss condition just as soon as possible.



We have constructed and renovated thousands of commercial properties all across the country.  We have also consulted on thousands of insurance property losses and completed thousand of restoration projects throughout our history.  We have also responded to over 25 hurricanes and other disasters.  The principal owners have been in the construction and restoration business for the vast majority of their lives.  The last major hurricanes in Florida were Hurricane Irma and Michael.  Hurricane Irma first made landfall on Cudjoe Key in southern Florida on or about September 10, 2017 bringing category 4 winds that reached over 130 mph.  This was one of the strongest hurricanes in terms of sustained winds to make U.S. landfall since Hurricane Wilma.  It was also the fifth costliest Atlantic hurricane on record.  National Group was prepared and mobilized rapidly after the hurricane to assist our rapid response clients that required emergency power, repairs, restoration, and insurance consulting services.  We have wealth of experience and knowledge with property damage losses and property restoration. So, if you own a commercial facility that may require emergency repairs, restoration, or loss assistance after a large storm or just everyday disasters, please give us a call and let us help you!



"National Group has been performing emergency restoration, general construction and roofing services work including, but not limited to water extraction & dry-out, water damage restoration, environmental remediation, temporary generator and HVAC rentals, renovations, roofing maintenance, roofing repairs, new roof installations, and construction consulting for us at our facilities for well over 10 years.  We have been very pleased with National Group's services including but not limited to its ability to solve problems, 24/7 availability, timely response to emergencies, willingness to store equipment on site, professional and knowledgeable staff, consistent quality restoration work, and accurate and timely billings.  I would highly recommend National Group as a quality provider of construction services and be happy to act as a reference for you and your company."

Ron Bogue

AVP Facilities & Services

University of Miami - Medical Campus



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For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 1-800-680-3925 or fill out the following form

Emergency No: 1-800-680-3925
Florida General Contractor License #: CGC1513529
Florida Roofing License #: CCC1328103
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