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Forensic Accounting

Accountants to Calculate Soft Cost Claims and Trace Funds 

Our forensic accounting division offers Certified Public Accountants, who audit construction projects, calculate business interruption losses, and perform fraud investigations for clients.  

Our Forensic Accounting Staff include:

  • Auditors

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • Business Interruption Specialists

  • Fraud Examiners

  • Appraisal Specialists

  • Umpire Specialists

As a full service disaster reconstruction contractor, we understand the industry, terminology, contract forms, billing systems, etc.  It is this experience that allows us to more effectively audit the bills and projects of other contractors to verify accuracy.  Often times, contractors bill clients or insurance carriers for work that was not part of the contract or not performed. We understand the process and know what documentation to review to discover any inaccuracies that may exist.  We have saved clients millions of dollars in improper charges!  Let us help you.

Additionally, our team of professionals has extensive experience in the insurance industry and can assist clients in properly documenting their loss. We are often hired by insurance companies and insureds to review and develop business interruption calculations and we know the proper way to analyze, calculate and document business interruption losses.

Finally, we also assist clients in the area of fraud claims with a concentration in the area of insurance fraud.  Insurance fraud is one of the most rampant of all “white-collar” crimes facing the United States.  Insurance professionals measure its effect in billions of dollars each year. 

Fraud examinations involve a precise methodology and involve:

  • Obtaining documents

  • Taking oral statements

  • Writing reports

  • Testifying in court as to findings

  • Assisting in the detection and prevention of fraud

Fraud often happens in catastrophes, and both the insurers and the insureds can be victims.  The environment of catastrophes is a perfect environment for fraud since there are simultaneous massive volumes of large complex loses, the insured is under extreme hardship, there is pressure to resolve the loss quickly and there is often exceptional media coverage as well.

Please contact us to discuss forensic accounting services and how we may be of service to you.