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Insurance Claim Consulting

Consulting on Property Losses and Providing Expert Services

We provide a variety of consulting and expert services for clients that require construction or insurance loss assistance or other professional services.  Our consulting and expert services approach enables our clients to obtain a variety of engineering and technical services from a single source and assures them of a prompt, coordinated and comprehensive approach in serving their needs and finding solutions to their problems.

Our consulting clients include some of the largest developers, hospitals, universities, and real estate investors in the United States. 

Building Interior - Digital and Infrared Image
Building Exterior - Digital and Infrared Image
Infrared Thermographic Services

One of our more unique services is our infrared thermographic services, which provide state-of-the-art FLIR thermographic images and surveys of facilities.  We are often retain for these services to locate interior areas of moisture, exterior areas of moisture pentration as well as roofing leaks.  We provide a detail written report along with pictures and infrared images as well as recommendations for corrective actions.

Building Interior - Digital and Infrared Image
Building Roof - Digital and Infrared Image

On roofs, areas of roof moisture contamination manifest themselves as warmer (lighter in color) areas that may be nebulous in shape and sometimes mottled in appearance. They are commonly found in linear or puddle-like shapes.

The linear shapes many times follow areas, roof drainage routes, roof edges and seams. Puddle-like round or oblong shapes often form around roof penetrations such as mechanical equipment, standpipes, vents and drains.

The wet areas are lighter in color because the latent heat (from daylight sunshine) in the trapped water mass is greater than in the dry, functioning insulation or roof substrate.

After sunset when the roof cools, wet areas of the roof insulation and other materials continue to radiate heat, which allows our high-resolution infrared cameras to detect the sources of heat and record them for later analysis.

Please contact us to discuss our consulting and expert services.  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you.